New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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We move in awe and wonder,
yet with acceptance gratitude and delight.



 Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout 

  Birds &  Bees &

   Flowers & Trees . . .



Wild Turkey   


          What profuse life here-- so many indigenous creatures & plants. High desert certainly does not mean barren. 

     We are an animal & plant Sanctuary.  Creatures sense it, gracing us with their presence & their trust.  We're particularly delighted with species that are or may become endangered-- like tiger salamanders or horny toads.


     Bunnies, jackrabbits (like the black-tailed one below on right), lizards, chipmunks (below on Left), ground squirrels, pack & kangaroo rats, field mice & even Spade-footed toads.  Deer are common along with an occasional fox, antelope or badger.  We smile when coyotes howl or a bobcat strolls by.  We have seen the rare wolf and mountain lion.  Yes, we do have snakes-- gopher, whip, rattle & garter being our usuals.


     And oh the birds, birds, birds.  A ferruginous hawk swoops over the garden, Redtails soar. Ravens dance. One day we had three kinds of owls, another three jays.  Both Western and mountain bluebirds are residents in this area. Sandhill cranes and Canada geese honkingly announce their migration.  We delight in the occasional roadrunner or quail. Several eagles have blessed us with visits & once a most surprising osprey slept over.


     Come fall, if there's been rain, Mallards and Spoonbills settle in our ponds.  Tiny springs and pools in our major arroyos also provide water for a diversity of wildlife. 


    We have squawkers & singers, bouncers & squatters, raucous & shy.  Yellows, browns, greens, reds, blacks, grays & oranges.  Poorwills, mockingbirds, red-shafted flickers & mourning doves do syncopation with each other, punctuated by the trill of spade-footed toads & nighthawks.

 House Finch

There's a profusion of cactus, shrubs, & grasses plus a wonderful succession of Wildflowers that dance through the seasons. 


     And, oh my, the sunsets & lightning shows.  Awesome indeed!


     The high desert is a miracle of vibrant plant & animal life.  We figure that as long as plants & animals can thrive, so can women.