New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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Bluebird & Towhee

Private & Rustic Guest Cabins


 Towhee Casita ("little house")

"It just couldn't be more wonderful."



 Looking for simpler living?  


    Live surrounded by the amazing properties of clay with Bluebird's red clay walls & floor. We are also building a large addition which will make Bluebird a residence or dorm.

     Bluebird offers a queen bed, buffet range & fridge as well as a fan, electric heater, and wood stove.  Composting toilet & water are just outside the door. 

     Bluebird overlooks a meadow amidst our pinons & junipers. Bluebird is just 200 feet from Towhee.


Towhee is our quietest casita tucked beside a beautiful arroyo. It too has a queen bed, loveseat, table, woodstove and heater as well as a fan. Floor to ceiling windows allow for a panoramic view. Water is carried to the casita in jugs and composting toilet bucket system is just outside. 
     A 500-foot stroll from Towhee and Bluebird takes you to our Gathering House, the Hearth, where you have day & night use of the tub/shower, outstanding Library, video collection, phone, and Wifi as well as three sitting areas.

     From Towhee and Bluebird you can walk in any direction to endlessly explore our beautiful 1000 acre wildlife refuge. 

     Towhee is particularly suited to more privacy, to meditation retreats & to uninterrupted creativity. 
     Our simpler casitas are often not available. The suggested contribution is lower since they are more rustic. More information on rates may be found here.


What a Lovely Space to Meditate

What an Inspiring Place to Write