New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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Your Outlandish Guest Casitas
& Suggested Contributions / Rates

Flicker ~ East Studio in Honey House

 Gecko ~ West
Studio in Honey House    

                                       Choose Your Perfect Casita
     Our beautiful adobe casitas are available by the day, week, month or season. We invite you to join us for as long as your schedule allows.
     Mi Casa.  Warbler is a lovely Studio  in beautiful Mi Casa, a 1200 sf adobe home with two large round Bedroom/Studios.  Guests may stay in Warbler for up to two weeks. As a guest in Warbler, you have full access to the sitting area, dining nook, kitchenette, bath and patio. It is sometimes available. Jae lives in the second Studio.

   Honey House  is almost identical to Mi Casa.  She is sweet indeed with her two spacious Bedroom/Studios, Flicker and Gecko. 
Our simpler, more rustic cabins/spaces are Towhee, Bluebird, WindSong,  and RavenDance. We are renovating Finch. RavenDance is currently not available.  
     Additional Bed Possibilities. We can often provide on additional cot for each Guest Room. Hearth has a cot, queen mattresses, and sofas. Honey House has a loft with a queen mattress. As noted in the rates chart, other living spaces may likely be available in the coming months.
     Phone & Internet. Honey House and Mi Casa share a semi-private landline and WiFi is available inMi Casa. Guests are welcome to use the phone and WiFi at Mi Casa. The Hearth has a phone.  Cell phones work in most areas of Outland, although you may need to walk around until you get a connection.

    Suggested Usual Contributions

Note that we are now updating our contribution requests.
We Ask That You Simply
Contribute as Generously As Your Resources Allow.

Your contributions support Outland
and help subsidize other women being able to be here.

We are a tiny nonprofit and we are all volunteers.

       Prices are inclusive -- no additional taxes or fees

   1 Studio
Honey House
Entire Honey House
2 Studios
Towhee, Bluebird, or WindSong
Hearth, cot,
 1st night
 80 125
 add nights
 70  100 55
 week  425 600
 350 150
2 weeks
 900 475
 3 weeks
 725  1150 600
 month  875 1300

We request a $100 deposit.


Mi Casa dining nook and patio; Warbler desk area

  • Cash is welcome. We also accept checks and money orders in US dollars as well as PayPal to Please mark as "send money to friend or family," so we and you pay no fee. Checks payable to Outland, PO Box 130, Serafina, NM, 87569. 
  • Donations are tax deductible and are so helpful--since we are volunteers, they do make such a difference helping to make Outland accessible to a spectrum of women. Paypal to Checks for donations to Woman, Earth and Spirit mailed to Outland, PO Box 130  Serafina, NM 87569. EIN 36-450-7584
  • Please include a $100 reservation deposit. Amounts over $50 are refundable with 7-day cancellation notice.
  • We are a tiny nobprofit with abundant land and limited resources. We are all volunteers. Our priority is making it possible for a spectrum of biological women and Lesbians to have access to this incredible land and our programs. Even though Guest House income supports the land and our work, it is most important to us that you are able to be here. Talk with Jae about what is possible for you so we can work something out. We ask that every woman simply plan to contribute as generously as your resources allow.

Please note that this is a healing space.

Please treat the land, creatures 

& other women with respect.

We value caring interaction.

Our Values

    *Although we love children, we are not able to accommodate them at this time. On occasion we are able to accommodate certain animal companions.

    *  Please do not bring weapons onto the land.
*  Please use alcohol in moderation and do not bring illegal drugs or come to the land after using illegal drugs . 
     *  Please leave s/m practice or display at home.
    *  Please avoid using scented products while at Outland, including lotion, shampoo, conditioner, soap, hair products, deodorant, and perfume (including natural essential oils). We appreciate you helping us keep the land safe and comfortable for those women with environmental sensitivities.

   *  Although we are women's space, there occasionally is a male worker here.
We emphasize caring, respectful interaction and communication. 

A Couple More More Details

      Our remoteness & the incredible peacefulness lend themselves to longer visits.  We encourage you to stay as long as your schedule allows. 

     You are welcome to ride with us to town if you need provisions.  We have extras of most items on hand if you need anything.

     The land and environment are wonderfully conducive to healing & rejuvenation as well as any kind of creativity. Spread your wings . . . 

     Our guest facilities are ideally suited for writer's & artist's retreats.  Bring your laptops and notebooks, camera, paints, drawing pens . . . 

     And what a place for celebrations & honeymoons!


Door-to-Door Rides

      If you are flying, the Sandia Shuttle (1-888-775-5696) from Albuquerque to Santa Fe is a great way to travel  Then it's a beautiful one hour and fifteen minute drive from Santa Fe to Outland.

     We can pick you up in Santa Fe, stop by our wonderful natural foods co-op so you can stock up on staples & goodies, bring you to the land & return you to Santa Fe for your shuttle -- all for $35 per one-way trip if you stay six nights or more.



                            Your Stay
   We welcome you for as long as you are able to stay --days, weeks, or months.
     This land is nothing short of awesome with its red clay mesas, countless winding rocky arroyos, expansive sky, abundant wildlife & welcoming hosts.  There is no outside ambient light, or sound or air pollution.  Our well is 604 feet into pure ancient glacial waters.

     Virtually everyone who visits wishes they were staying longer.  So, we set our rates to make longer visits more possible.  Your presence also makes it possible for us to go on offering this inspiring healing land to other women.

Your Guest House Is Ready

We Look Forward to Welcoming You