New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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Honey House Guest Lodging" style="font-weight: normal;">Honey House Guest Rooms



Honey House

     Ahhh, HONEY HOUSE is a sweetie of a house!  Just like Mi Casa -- two wonderful rooms are connected by a Living Area with Sitting Area, Dining Nook, full Kitchenette, Bath (tub/shower plus composting toilet system) & Patio.
     Each 20' round adobe room has a queen or king bed, comfy chair, desk, closet, wood stove & electric heater plus a fan. 14' of floor to ceiling glass blur the distinction between indoors and out. 
     Since the rooms are so large, even if someone is in the other Studio, you have lots of privacy.    

    You do, of course, also have full use of the guest areas of Hearth House, our gathering space, and full access to this amazing land.

     To reserve the Honey House room(s) for you or you and your friends, see the guest information page for additional information.

      Flicker (East Room)    

Both Honey House and Mi Casa are 1200 square feet of adobe clay, wood, nontoxic & green construction, and passive solar living with enough glass to bring the outdoors right on in. 

    Like Mi Casa, Honey House is a smoke-free space and is wheelchair accessible. Honey House can be your home for as long as you choose to stay with us--days, weeks or months. 


Gecko (West Room)

It is our desire and goal that your experience is:

Physically & emotionally healing

         Spiritually & creatively invigorating

          Psychically & personally expanding


     It is our wish that you can be your biggest most wondrous Self, at home in your heart, at peace with the home in your heart.

     Are you wondering what your role is in this troubled world?  What your work is in this Life? Your service to make a difference in this cycle of your life? The peace and depth of this amazing land may help you find your questions and Listen to your answers. 


     Come When You Can.
Honey House Is Ready When You Are.