New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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We Invite You


Outland Rainbow


All year round, the land and Guest Houses

 offer you a tranquil retreat.


 Come to Heal

     This amazing land & also these adobe houses create an incredible Healing Space.

     We are surrounded by the living clays & rocks, by wildness, by creatures who live with us in trust, by pure water & fresh clean air.

     We live immersed in the vibrations of sun, moon, stars & earth.

     We have the company of loving women who care about the Earth, about each other & about all-that-lives. 

     In this environment it becomes more possible to find the peace & connection around & in us that can lead to wholeness, well-being, wellness. 

We may or may not find cures,

yet it is likely we will find Healing.



      The environment lends itself to focusing our own powers on our Healing, to doing the internal work that can help us find Wellness, nudge our moving into Wholeness. 

      The depth of quiet & peace are profound & beyond measure. We can release the need for filters, buffers, shields. We can let go of fear. With few distractions we can focus, move-in & move-out.

     You are welcome to use our Library -- a range of wellness/ healing books & tapes--in your Wellness Journey. The land is, of course, so incredibly wonderful for walking, sitting, lying-with. It is a Land to vision-quest. Clay soaks & baths are core refreshing & cleansing.

     The adobe casitas lend themselves to meditation & focus. Living surrounded by clay is like living in a giant poultice that gently pulls us physically, emotionally and spiritually into harmony. This is a space to relax into a Healing Journey.

     The women here are supportive of you & your process.

     Sometimes our Healing comes from more clarity about our purpose in Life, our role in this troubled world. The quiet opens us to ourSelves and the land draws us into deeper insight.

     Pinon cone 

Healing Support & 
  Sometimes it is helpful to have assistance as we embark on our 
Healing Journeys. Women in chronic, critical or acute situations in particular may choose professional support from whatever range of Eastern, Western, Energetic & Alternative modalities we each believe in.

     If you like, you may choose to work occasionally or intensively with Healing Practitioners who might be on the land at any time. We also have an incredible Chiropractor/Energy Healer, Dr. Susan Pisano, who will make house calls. She has done wonders with for me, for my late mother, and many others.


My Personal Healing Journey 

on This Land

by  Jae

     Focusing on my own wholeness & working intensively with other alternative practitioners, I have recovered remarkably from a hemorrhagic stroke plus subsequent heart & kidney failure. My daily rhythm, & often my technique in what I do is different, (indeed, laugh).  But, most important I am able to do almost everything that I did before. 

     Yet, though their own intriguing story, the physical or medical details are not the core of my experience.

     For me, my healing journey has been a path of Spirit-- of being forced to slow down & evaluate my life. 


          Am I nourishing my connections with mySelf, with Others & with the Earth?

          Am I doing, truly focusing my best energies & talents on, the work that I am in this life to do? 

          Am I making the difference that I could be making?


    I know that for me, whether here or some other place like this, what's most important is my sense of Healing, which is not necessarily curing what is dis-eased. I give full credit for my wellness to my focus in four differing dimensions.


    *  SELF.   I believe that Healing, ultimately, comes from within.  I credit mySelf for listening to my own understandings, for the steps I have taken, the changes I have made & the paths I have chosen. I credit my ongoing awareness & conscious efforts to live in whole, loving, affirmative, connecting Spiritfull ways.


     *  ASSISTANCE.   Healing can be assisted on physical, emotional & spiritual planes. I greatly credit the ongoing love & support of my friends & family. I sincerely credit the 4 alternative practitioners who worked with me the first weeks after my "crises."

         I credit Karin for the wonderful work she has done with me, intensively in the early weeks & over the subsequent months.  How do I thank someone who literally saved my life, "pulled me back" a couple of times. 

         With her help, I have been able to do my healing using the modalities & approaches that work for me--in my case, without Western medicine procedures or practitioners.

     At the same time, I believe my  Journey would have gone equally well if I had believed in and chosen to complement Western procedures with the work of Karin & my other alternative practitioner friends.   


     *  OUTLAND.   I credit the healing powers in this amazing Land--the rocks &  clays  & energies.  The direct connection to Spirit & to All-That-Lives that I experience here, that it is possible to feel more profoundly in this kind of environment. 


     *  SPIRIT.  More than anything else, I credit Spirit, a Connection that for me is hugely easier to find in this environment.


        Mine is by no means a story of "magic-cures" or a claim that what has worked for me will work for anyone else.  This is simply the story of one woman named Jae who has been lucky enough to find & pursue the kinds of environment & experiences that I believe in, that work for me.

         I deeply wish just that for every woman & I encourage each of us to focus on our own Wholeness, to find the combination of modalities that work for us and that we believe in, to follow the Paths that lead each of us to a connection with Spirit.

         I don't begin to assume that what has worked for me will work for anyone else. I believe we must each choose what feels right to us according to our own beliefs & inner Knowing.

        At the same time, from my personal experience I know the potential for profound & life-changing growth & Healing that is possible here on this land or at any other place like this one--  the potential with any modality or no modality if we take the time to focus on Wellness, to care for ourSelfves, to Connect.    

        I know that part of my Lifework is to make this land more available to more women who might also find this a fitting environment to nourish wellness, wholeness & connection. Women wanting to Listen more deeply to our Inner Voice of Knowing.

        If any of this rings true for you, I would love to welcome you to this land to explore your potentials, to take time to evaluate your life, to creatively express your Knowing, to focus on your healing & Wholeness, & to listen for a greater understanding of what it is you are in this life to do.


                                            Warmly & Blessings--  



When We Come Home to OurSelves,

 When We Come Home to

Our Connection with All-That-Lives,

Everything Is Possible.