New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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                Warm & Heartful Welcome!
   I love sharing this precious land with other women. The peace & solitude, creatures & expansive skies, lightning & rainbow shows, incredible rocks, clay & arroyos. And so much more.
   Between the marvels of grounding clay and the pulling expansion of the skies, this is an amazing place for self-and assisted-healing, for soul-searching, for finding and focusing on what we are each in this life to do in this cycle of our lives.
   Yes--a marvelous place to heal, to rest and relax, to create, to get Big. Our Guest Houses are wonderful with the kind of majik that only clay, wood & the loving energy of the women who built them can create.
   I invite you to come and stay with us as long you are able. We'd sure love to share this wondrous land with you.
   Come on into our WebHome for a tour--and enjoy! There are a lot of pages to help give you more of a feel for this land and vision as well as for us. To help you sense whether this is the place you are looking for. Browse & graze.
   Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. We will do all we can to facilitate your perfect retreat, to help make sure your Journey & visit is exactly the experience you are looking for. I look forward to further communications and connections with you,


Warmly, Jae  

                                                    office 575-421-2533
Jae cell 480-745-6608


Retreat Highlights
  •    Sweet fully equipped adobe woman-built casitas. 
  •    1000 acres of pristine high desert wildlife refuge adjoining the Santa Fe National Forest.
  •    Delightful sweet round adobe Bedroom/Studios plus full kitchenette, dining nook, sitting area, bath and patio.
  •    Outstanding library of women's books.
  •    Women who are Healers, or have healing skills, in a spectrum of modalities, sometimes available here. Their skills and energy are available to you if you want to work with them. Simply offer whatever gift or financial contribution you think is fitting
  •    1-1/4 hour beautiful drive to Santa Fe. Day drives to many area cultural, historic & scenic sites.


Bask in the New Mexico sun

Let the red clay bluffs absorb your pain


Breathe deep of our fresh air

Drink our glacial well water

Focus on your self-healing or

work with a local Healer


Read or write a book or a poem,
sing, compose, draw, paint....


Explore the arroyos, gaze into the endless sky,
listen to the moon

Join group meals or community activities
if you like
Unfold your perfect experience moment by moment