New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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Future Building
 & Creative Workshops 

      All the adobe houses on the land are women-built structures! Many women came to the land to learn how to build from Jae, our master builder, along with others. Although currently Jae's health precludes her offering building workshops, we plan to offer similar building workshops again. 
We also plan to offer a range of writer and artist retreats, and workshops on self-sufficiency, women's spirituality, Creativity and healing. 
      Each week and all season we will have an equal focus on learning, connection creativity and wholeness/healing. We consider this the perfect workshop blend!

 We are delighted to welcome you for extended retreat stays to focus on your healing, art, writing,  creativity, intuition, expanded skills, or your personal growth.  We will do all we can to support your goals while you are here. 

     In the future we hope to provide more partial scholarships to make it possible for a greater spectrum of women to benefit from this wondrous land during individual retreats as well as in group formats.  We now try to work out affordable rates for every woman. Talk to Jae. Tax-deductible donations to help subsidize stays for other women gratefully accepted.

     If YOU want to do a Writer's or Artist's Retreat or Workshop for yourself or with others, let's work together to make it happen. Honey House can house up to eight women in a dorm-like setting.

     If you would like to host a workshop, gathering, celebration, or some other group activity here on this marvelous land, contact Jae to explore the possibilities. Smile.

Jae's Building Resume

by Jae Haggard

Over the last 40 years, by myself and with others, I have designed and built well over a dozen houses and other buildings for women in five states.  These structures range from our four beautiful passive solar adobe houses at Outland to cordwood to frame to post & beam to a pair of amazing three-living-spaces-in-each-building houses. 

     Like so many things in a patriarchal society, construction is often mystified and is usually done the way men would do it, in ways appropriate for them but not for us as women.

     Every one of us can build if we most importantly just have the self-confidence, and then the opportunity, and finally a few basic concepts, tools and skills.

     I built my first house with a cheap circular saw, jig saw and drill. All I had ever built before was a bookshelf and I had no tool or building experience. I built because I needed a home--true story.

     I have learned by observing, asking questions, researching and mostly by just pulling together my courage and doing it. Yet, I can design, plan, organize and build, as well as do plumbing and electric-- and do it all rather well. Every one of us can do the same.

     It is my intent to pass on some of the confidence I have gained as well as some of the hints, tricks, skills and general knowledge that I have picked up over these three decades.

     It is my intent that each woman goes home from this Workshop with an excitement, anticipation and confidence about herself and about building.

     I want us to leave the Workshop Experience feeling bigger in ourSelves and in our abilities. I want us to go home feeling less alone and less fearful, more prepared for any eventuality. I want us to go home more Connected to ourSelves with more sense of our Role in this Life.  I want us to return home feeling our Wholeness and with the creativity that flows when we feel our Bigness and Wholeness.