New Mexico Women's Retreat,

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Climate and What to Bring

    I find the climate here quite temperate. For credibility, I must admit that my roots are in North Dakota and Minnesota. Chuckle. One surprise when I moved here 19 years ago is that there are clearly more than four seasons, which I like. Lots of movement and change. --Jae


     Summers can be hot, but are modified by our 5800 ft elevation & always-cool nights.  Low humidity (ahhh) & consistent breezes generally temper summer heat.  Days run from the mid 80s to the 90s, with nights from the 50s to the low 60s.  Summers are getting progressively dryer & hotter in this the warmest 15 years on the planet in recorded history.  Not all of New Mexico is so fortunate, but here we've had lovely rains for two summers now.

     Winters are pleasant.  Our usually-present sun melts the occasional snow dumps in a few hours or days.  Day temps are generally in the 40s and 50s with nights dipping into the 20s or teens.  We are on-occasion snowed in, which gives us time to really enjoy the white stuff.

     Spring & Fall are wonderful, always.  Most every day is a delight.  I'm a Libra so fall will always be my favorite season.  I think Spring & Fall are the most pleasant seasons to visit if temperatures and the color-qualities of the air are the prime considerations.

     Extra Seasons 

     March Windy Season brings big winds that take on a life of their own-- kind of clears the air & emotions too. Yet, a lovely time of year, usually.

     June Dry Season is our hottest & driest month when plants frizzle & just kind of go on hold until the rains come. Days are clear and sunny.    

     Rainy Season. Before these last years of drought, Rainy Season with its amazing rainbows & lightning shows ran mid-July til mid-September.  (Now, its timing is anyone's guess.)  Expect clouds to gather most afternoons & watch distant showers in the hugely expansive skies.

     Rainy Season simply means it's raining somewhere, but not necessarily here, much as we always appreciate the moisture here. If it rains, we dash out to watch or splash in the waterfalls as the arroyos become creeks.  It is remotely possible to be rained in (or out).

     I dearly love the greening land, clouds, lightning shows & rainbows of Rainy Season.


What to Bring

     Mostly you'll just need all the obvious travel necessities.  You might be sure to bring:

  •    Your wondrous self
  •    Slippers
  •    Your directions to the land (we'll lead you here from I-25)
  •    Sturdy walking shoes
  •    Flashlight (we have extras)
  •    Water bottle & Rain poncho (a rare necessity)
  •    Sunscreen (low-scent helpful)
  •    Your own foods, treats & beverages. It's a 45-minute drive to the nearest store.  We supply organic coffee, tea, oil, vinegar, butter, seasonings, condiments & makings for a couple of meals.