New Mexico Women's Retreat,

Guest Houses & Healing Center

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 Oh Give Me Land, Lots of Land

  with the Starry Skies Above



 View from Hearth, our gathering house--oh what expansive skies 


   Don't Fence Me In...

        A song that could have been written for this 1000 acres of high desert wildlife refuge, mostly surrounded by countless more acres of national forest.  High desert most certainly does not mean barren--there is an abundance of plant & animal life. 

     Four gorgeous major arroyos plus hundreds of feeder arroyos, each with its own personality, grace our landscape. You can just walk & stroll & hike yet not see all of this amazing land.  With each twist or turn in the arroyos, new photo opportunities emerge.  Equally fun, bring your sketch pad. 

     Clay in all shades of red plus tans, yellows, greens, & whites.  Rocks in as many colors & more. Pinon &  juniper trees only 30 feet tall yet hundreds of years old.

     Visit the Rock Goddess, Laughing Bowl, Meditation Rocks, Grand Canyonette, Alabaster Yoni. Laugh in a rainy season waterfall. Ooh-and-ahhh at the August rainbows & lightning shows.  Marvel at a Milky Way that is a downright highway across the sky.

     Climb our red clay & rock Mesa to another of our several rock building ruins & discover our Grand Canyonette.

     We are uniquely & delightfully remote.  We adjoin the lower elevations of the Santa Fe National Forest, use gravel & dirt roads, & are 45 minutes from the nearest town.  

     Part of the incredible majik of this land is its Wildness--calling to our essential woman selves.  The land, creatures & plants are untamed.  How rare that is. We too can be untamed.  We can be our authentic selves, find clarity on our role in this troubled world.

Gift yourSelf a plentitude of time

To immerse,

Listen to yourSelf

 Enjoy this amazing land

To Connect, Create & Heal


     A moon so big she casts a shadow, coyotes singing, more stars than a woman can count, plus at-our-doors critters & birds.  With such awesome peace, we're an ideal place to settle in and not plan a lot of in-and-out trips.

      Our lifestyle reflects our values as stewards of this precious nook of Earth--ecological awareness, organic gardening, simple living, as well as a celebration of all Life & appreciation for the sacredness of this land.


     This is a place to laugh, dance, sing, sit naked, howl, Connect. To quest, do circle or ritual or celebration. To find clarity & direction. To heal.


     This land inspires creativity, pulls us into our most authentic voice & expression, releases our muses.  It's such a perfect writer's or artist's retreat.


     This land is an incredible healing space, whether spiritual, emotional or physical, whether self healing or assisted healing.  Whether or not healing means cure, this is a wonderful opportunity to move into Wholeness & Well-being.

Celebrate Your Life