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New Mexico Women's GuestHouse

Retreat & Healing Center
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  MI CASA, Your Guest House

Located off I-25 between Santa Fe & Las Vegas, NM




Welcome & Notes from Jae


      Perhaps the most significant gift the Land offers us is a core feeling of Home -- we belong, are a part of.

      We move in awe and wonder, yet with acceptance, gratitude and delight.

     We are at ease, settled, at peace within ourSelves -- a coming home to ourSelves, a coming home to our Connection with all that lives.

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Your Guest Houses

     We have 8 wonderful Guest Room and Guest House options for you.
You can follow the links.

      Mi Casa is our primary Guest House -- a 1200sf adobe house with two beautiful guest Bedroom/ Studios -- Hummingbird and Warbler. Only Hummingbird is currently available for Guest use. If you are in Hummingbird you have full use of the Living Area and no one else will be sharing the house. Prices page
     Suggested contribution is $90 first night and $70 additional nights with a maximum of $440/week. Lower rates for longer stays.  

     Honey House is almost identical to Mi Casa, a bit more downhome.  Both Studio/Bedrooms as well as entire house are available. Suggested dcontribution for one Bedroom/Studio is $75 first night, $60 each additional night, with a maximum of $375/ week. Lower rates for longer stays. Prices page
     We encourage longer visits and invite you to come for as long as your schedule allows.

     There are many pages on this site. Can you tell I'm a big believer in information -- Laugh. I hope you'll browse through our WebHome to get a sense of this amazing land and the possibilities that might unfold for you here.



     Read more About Us, more  about This Amazing 1000-acre Land and our Wildlife Refuge, our Climate, as well as about area Sites of Interest.  

     GuestHouse Photos and Land Photos give you a taste of the wonders here.

     At our Main House, soak in our hottub or browse our extensive library of women's books and music.  Read what other Guests Say about us.

     Feel free to CONTACT US for more information, to chat or to make reservations.



      I simply cannot say enough about what an incredible space this land is for Self-healing or assisted. Healing page.


Outlandish Workshops &

Women's Adobe Building Season
      Eventual Workshops will include a range of construction,  Writer and Artist Retreats, Self-Sufficiency, Personal Development, Creativity and, of course, Healing.
      Each week and all season we have equal focus on learning, connection creativity and wholeness/healing. We consider this the perfect workshop blend.
WOW! What an absolutely outstanding and fun spectrum.


Link to Workshop Season Details

         A wonderful diverse schedule creates an awesome broad-spectrum experience ~ for hands-on learning of building concepts and skills, for personal development, as well as to connect, create, experience the land, Heal and more.  Plus, great tool Kit, scrumptious meals, incredible women...

     We invite you to come for just the weeks you choose and as many as you like. 

     Each week focuses on the current stage of Adobe house construction plus includes a review of Construction Principles, tool use and safety. 

     All sessions offered on Sliding Scale.       


    Isn't It Divine

     There's a wildness here that hasn't been tamed. Authenticity calls out to the free spirit in each of us.  An ancient sense of power recalls us to whatever we hold sacred.

     This Land is big and present.  We grow into our biggest most real Selves in her presence.  We are encouraged to be authentic.

     It takes only quiet to hear the pulse of the Land, the heartbeat, Life.  We too become more hearty, more heartfull.

     We learn to listen to the Earth, to others, to ourSelves.  We touch the Divine. We grow. We expand.  We Heal.  



Guest Houses & Retreat

  •    1000 awesome acres of High Desert wildlife refuge
  •    Delightful sweet round adobe Bedroom Studios plus kitchenette, dining nook, sitting area, bath & patio
  •    Hottub
  •    Outstanding library of women's books
  •    Alternative Doctor/ Healers sometimes available by appointment. We have an incredible Chiropractor/Energy Healer who makes house calls.
  •   1-1/4 hour to Santa Fe.  Day drives to many area cultural, historic & scenic sites



Step out of time into our tranquil world


Take time to focus on yourSelf

in our nourishing environment


Make time for your

serious healing work, creativity & for fun



Live Your Own Rhythm

Celebrate Your Life
office  575-421-2533 
Jae  480-745-6608



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